Skin thins and loosens as individuals age. By the age of 70, a person’s skin will have lost around 80% of its thickness. Skin will continue to age owing to gravity, sun exposure, and the natural aging process.

Face-lift surgery has been created to address this issue. While this operation can enhance the look by removing and tightening loose skin, it is a costly, intrusive procedure with a lengthy recovery period.

The PDO thread lift is a non-surgical procedure available at Transcend Rejuvenation in Layton, Utah. This non-surgical treatment lifts and tightens facial skin with polydioxanone (PDO) threads. Threads are placed into the targeted region of the skin to lift and tighten it. 

The threads not only tighten the skin, but also encourage the generation of new collagen as the body attempts to repair the sutured region. The process is quick and painless since the sutures are so thin, and there is no significant recuperation time required.

The amount and kind of threads used during a thread-lifting surgery will vary based on the region being treated, the patient’s age, and the present state of the skin. The threads utilized will also be determined by the treatment’s purpose, whether it is a facelift or facial rejuvenation. 

The needle is withdrawn once the threads are placed, leaving them under the skin.


PDO thread lifts provide several benefits:

  • The process is brief, lasting approximately 30-45 minutes, and may be completed over a lunch break.
  • The threads are biocompatible and will degrade within four to six months.
  • Thread lift results can persist for a year or more, and maintenance can extend the procedure’s efficacy.
  • PDO threads can be utilized on the face, neck, knees, and chest, among other places.
  • They can also be used with other therapies including laser treatments, peels, neurotoxins, or facials.

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