Lipo-Dissolve or PCDC 

(Phosphatidylcholine Deoxycholate)

Although many expensive procedures claim to destroy fat, they only reduce the appearance of it. Lipo-Dissolve actually destroys adipose tissue, permanently dissolving actual fat cells!

PCDC target troublesome regions on the face, hips, back, and abdomen with lipodissolve, a minimally invasive fat-dissolving procedure.

The outcomes of treatment differ from person to person. Some require several treatments spaced six weeks apart to produce the optimum benefits.


A small needle is used to inject the PCDC Lipodissolve, also known as the Mesotherapy solution, into fat deposits. The fat cells then absorb the solution and experience a mild inflammatory response. The fat cells then get harder as a result of the inflammation, and they eventually degrade and are excreted by the body naturally within a few weeks.

Also known as Mesotherapy, it can be used to target particular fat deposits without surgery or recovery time and can produce impressive effects.


  • Treatment visit length depends upon the area treated
  • No down-time, no anesthesia, minimally invasive
  • Notice results within 3 weeks
  • Lasts forever

Because this can be injected anywhere on the body where unwanted fat resides, pricing varies between $400-$2,700 per treatment. Packages for multiple treatments are available.

To find out if Lipodissolve is a good fit for you, schedule a consultation right away.


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