Our goal at Transcend Total Body Rejuvenation is to provide you with a natural beautiful look at the best price.

Our Membership Program is a program designed to make our treatments affordable to you, and provide you with the most optimal outcomes.

How does it work? 

The Membership Program works by allowing you to bank your money towards skin, facial and injection services at a discounted rate.

Each month, depending on the plan you choose, money will be withdrawn from your account and put into an account at Transcend.

This money can be used towards any skincare, facials and/or injection services of your choice every month.

Are there other perks? In addition to being able to bank your money towards services, you will receive discounts on treatments in your package. These discounts apply as long as you are a part of the program.

Does it expire? The Membership Program never expires. You may cancel with a 30 day notice after you have completed the first annual year of the contract, but any remaining money will need to be used towards skin, facials and injection services offered at Transcend.

How do I get started? Getting started is simple. All you do is choose and complete the Membership program that suits your goals. We do not conduct background checks or credit checks!

Do you Accept Credit Cards? Yes! Absolutely! We accept all major credit card providers and we also have installment programs. Rest assured that all your details are well protected.

Get more of what you love at great prices! Sign up now or give us a call.

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Transcend's Membership DIscounts