Bad jokes aside, dark and sunken eyes do tend to make a person appear tired. No matter how well-rested you are, dark circles under your eyes make you look exhausted and sleep-deprived.

Under-eye dermal fillers are one solution to this problem. These fillers make your under-eyes look brighter and puffier. You look like a person who’s beaming with energy.

Is Under-Eye Dermal Filler Treatment Right for you?

A variety of factors cause dark under eye circles. The factors include:

  • Sleep deprivation
  • Skin thickening
  • Smoking
  • Ageing
  • Rhytidosis (wrinkling of skin disproportionate to ageing)
  • Hyper-pigmentation

Under-eye dermal fillers can’t help you with all of these symptoms. To understand why, you need to understand tear trough deformity.

Tear trough deformity is a condition where your under-eyes sink (think 2-3 mm) and the lower eyelid casts a shadow on the recessed area. How do you know if this is happening to you? Direct your phone’s flashlight towards your under-eyes and observe your reflection in a mirror. Does the area still appear dark?

  • If yes, then your dark circles are caused by pigmentation, lack of sleep, or lifestyle. An under-eye dermal filler will only accentuate the dark under-eyes.
  • If not, then your lower eyelids are casting a shadow on the sunken area. An under-eye dermal filler treatment will make the area fuller and brighter.

Dermal fillers are also used in conjugation with Botox to treat crow’s feet (wrinkles at the corners of the eyes).

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Your Facial Anatomy Changes as you Age

The gradual sinking of the under-eyes is inevitable, thanks to ageing. Bad diet and habits such as drinking and smoking act as a catalyst. The skin becomes lax, the fat in the area begins to diminish, the cheeks flatten, and the eye sockets enlarge. All these factors contribute to a hollow and shadowy look under the eyes.

These changes happen earlier in women (around the age of 41) compared to men (around the age of 65).

A combination of Botox and dermal filler treatment can treat the “drooping look” caused by bone loss and skin laxity. However, it’s easy to overdo it. You can’t expect to reverse all the signs of ageing.

However, if tear trough deformity is making you look tired and older than your age, an under-eye dermal filler treatment can work miracles.

Under-eye dermal Procedure and Recovery

Another great thing about under-eye dermal filler treatment is that it’s painless and takes only about 20 minutes.

First, the doctor will mark the tear trough area with white eyeliner (easily removable). The doctor may advise you to apply an ice pack to the marked area to minimize bruising.

After your confirmation to proceed, they will apply a numbing cream to the under-eye area. Your skin will absorb it in a few minutes. The dermal filler will be injected under the skin using a needle or a cannula. Then your doctor will gently massage your under-eyes to distribute the product evenly.

Under-eye dermal filler treatment produces results almost immediately. You will experience minimal downtime.

You’ll have to apply an ice pack on the area intermittently for the next 24 hours. Also, you might see a red spot where the needle pierced your skin. Expect some redness and swelling for the next 1-2 days. For the time being,

  • Avoid applying makeup until the next day (though it’s not mandatory).
  • Avoid strenuous exercise and activities that cause sweating.
  • Do not put pressure on the treated area when you massage it (as it might displace the filler).

To do the final touch-up and see if the dermal filler treatment had been effective or not, the doctor will recommend a follow-up treatment. If you decide to get your dermal filler treatment at our Utah dermal filler treatment center, our experts will advise you on the best after-care tips once the procedure is over.

Best Selling Under-Eye Dermal Fillers in the USA

You can choose different brands of dermal fillers. However, no particular filler is FDA- approved specifically for under-eye usage. Still, under-eye filler treatments are common and done using off-label products.

The most popular material used in dermal fillers is Hyaluronic Acid (77% market share in the US in 2019). Our body produces it naturally. Its primary function is to keep tissues moist, provide elasticity and flexibility, and retain collagen.

Practitioners prefer HA dermal fillers, as these are less likely to clump and easy to smooth. They produce the most natural look when injected in the under-eye area.

Our body naturally absorbs the HA filler in about 9-12 months. This factor gives some control to the recipient over the process and lets them decide what changes they’d want to see after the next treatment.

The most well-known dermal fillers that contain HA are:

  • Juvederm (by Allergan)
  • Restylane (by Galderma)
  • Belotero (by Merz)

Some dermal fillers also contain:

  • Calcium hydroxylapatite (Radiesse)
  • Poly-L-lactic Acid (Sculptra)
  • Polymethylmethacrylate (Bellafill)

Their market share is less than that of HA dermal fillers. Click here to read more.

Side Effects

The side-effects of under-eye dermal filler treatment include

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Redness
  • Asymmetry
  • Migraine

Delayed complications of this treatment include:

  • Orange-brown staining of the under-eye area
  • Nodules
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Puffiness
  • Tyndall effect (bluish discoloration of the skin)
  • Infection
  • Blindness (extremely rare)

Getting your under-eye dermal filler treatment done by a certified practitioner will significantly reduce the chances of critical side-effects.

Bruising, swelling, and redness are common and subside by themselves within 1-2 days. Applying an ice pack will speed up the healing. If you’re concerned, schedule a routine follow-up. You can call our Utah dermal filler specialists to learn more about side-effects.

Under-eye Dermal Filler Treatment for a Revived Look

Whether it’s loss of fat volume or hereditary factors, your sunk under-eyes can be treated with a dermal filler. The value of getting the treatment done by a trained practitioner is significantly greater than the dermal filler material itself.

A trained practitioner will suggest the best product and course of treatment. They can also manage the side-effects.

Under-eye treatment is growing in popularity among young adults and older population due to its minimally invasive nature, minimal downtime, and quick results.

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