We have a variety of machines to treat many different skin maladies. During your consult we will discuss your goals and suggest the best machine and application best suited for your skin and objectives.

eTwo Sublative Rejuvenation (eMatrix Resurfacing) and Sublime Skin Contouring

What eTwoTM is for:
The eTwo treatment combines Sublative Rejuvenation (eMatrix Resurfacing) and Sublime Skin Contouring (formerly known as ReFirme) treatments.  Treatment with eTwo revives your skin to appear more youthful.

2 unique applications in 1 desktop platform for ablation, resurfacing, and wrinkles:

Our Acne Sublative Rejuvenation (eMatrix Resurfacing) reduces acne and acne scarring.

Sublime Skin Contouring
Sublime is a treatment that combines infrared light with radiofrequency to firm skin, stimulate new collagen growth as well as tighten lax skin. This predictable heating of the deep dermis stimulates and shortens aged collagen fibers, resulting in immediate and long-term improvement of wrinkles.

IPL – PhotoFacial

GentleMax Pro™ is a dual platform laser made by Syneron Candela, one of the industry’s leaders. The GentleMax Pro™ is a dual platform laser combining a 755nm Alexandrite laser and a 1064nm Nd:YAG laser, allowing a wide range of treatment options.

Our Intense Pulse Light solutions provide permanent solutions to many common skin discolorations such as:

  • Vascular lesions: spider veins, telangiectasias, venous lake, hemangioma, varicose veins, broken blood vessels
  • Onychomycosis: thick, brittle, fungal-infected nails
  • Port wine stains: birthmarks
  • Pigmented lesions: liver spots, abnormally dark skin, freckles, age spots
  • Diffuse redness: from hormones, facial redness, soften chronically dark or red skin

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