To Botox or not? If you have been considering botox for some time, but can’t make up your mind, take a look at the botox before and after images and why our clients have chosen it to be the go-to treatment for a number of common conditions such as treatment of forehead lines and lip enhancement.

Forehead Furrows no more!

Forehead wrinkles or lines are one of the most common complaints that women and men have about their skin. There are many factors that can cause forehead wrinkles including loss in skin elasticity (that comes with age) or using various muscles in your face. Botox is FDA-approved for use on forehead lines, it is one of the easiest ways to alleviate forehead wrinkles. As you can see clearly in the below image, one of our clients had moderate forehead lines, she received botox and experienced smoother, tighter skin as evident in this before and after image.

Forehead Comparison of Before and After Botox

No more looking angry all the time

“Glabella” is the skin between your eyebrows. The skin is moved by the muscles on your forehead and eyebrow area and a lot of our clients notice wrinkles that appear as 2 vertical lines begin to develop. These wrinkles are known as glabellar lines. For our client featured below, we were able to make her wrinkles less noticeable by using botox for predictable, subtle results, so she looks just as she always did, only with less noticeable facial lines and she loves that.

Effective Crow’s Feet treatment

For our client below who had just started to develop wrinkles and crow’s feet, we were able to treat her with botox as it is particularly effective in people with dynamic wrinkles. When using for crow’s feet, botox effectively relaxed the muscles surrounding her eye corners, so her skin smoothed out just right. The effects are especially noticeable when she smiles or laughs.

Wrinkles Before and After Comparison

You can trust botox to deliver subtle results, especially when you are being treated by someone who is an expert in facial anatomy. So, you’ll look pretty much like yourself, without the noticeable lines and wrinkles.

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